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“Greed 3: Old Enemies Returning” is the last part of the thrilling “Greed” triology! Dr. Goodwin’s miracle cure is once again under threat and Sara has contacted you for help. Old enemies are up to new tricks at Pontoon Laboratories and this time they are willing to kill to get their hands on the cure.

Help Sara look into rumors that strange energies are said to be haunting Pontoon Laboratories. This journey will be treacherous as you delve into the haunted lab to confront both the paranormal and living people looking to kill you on sight!

★ hidden object adventure with a haunted sci-fi atmosphere
★ many unique and intriguing puzzles and mini games
★ atmospheric soundtrack and great graphics
★ the follow up to “Greed: The Mad Scientist” and “Greed: Forbidden Experiments”

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