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You’ve trained since you were barely able to walk, creating secret techniques and forms to develop a new martial art known as Knuckle Sandwich. Now with your art perfected you approach the masters of martial arts in your land and demand recognition for your discipline. Greeted with mockery and taunts you are forced to travel the land and show the people the true power of the Knuckle Sandwich. Travel to 50 different villages and defeat their best warriors, complete challenges, purchase ancient scrolls from merchants, and build your honor ranking among the people, increase your powers and become a legend to represent Knuckle Sandwich.


50 Villages to show the power of the Knuckle Sandwich
Level up your hero and gain increased power
Purchase stat increases from merchants
Sacrifice honor for rewards to gain an edge
Search for treasures in the villages
Fight or flee 100’s of encounters
Avoid Traps
Complete Sensei Challenges
Hours of fun

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