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Echo Tokyo: Intro is a mini-game that acts as an introduction to the Echo Tokyo world and its people.
Included within are two graphic novels telling origin stories of some of the main characters of the city.

Currently the game includes the following stories:
Shizume’s Origin Story – An Interactive Graphic Novel
– Includes full voice acting.
Keiji’s Origin Story – A Kinetic Graphic Novel.
– Includes full voice acting.

About Echo Tokyo:
Echo Tokyo is the last bastion of humanity.
A nuclear fog has made street level uninhabitable.

Now hundreds of years later Echo Tokyo lives on, by building bridges and platforms between the skyscrapers to create a new city in the sky.

This cyber punk city somehow manages to function without government or law, where the companies rule and order is what people make it for themselves.

Shizume Misaki – Origin
The first graphic novel story introduces Shizume Misaki, in this fully voiced interactive graphic novel, telling her tale as she begins working as a Fixer within Echo Tokyo.
It is said that a fixer will take any job as long as the price is right. Though many act mainly as private investigators, many others will do any job to pay the rent.
What will become of Shizume on one of her first big jobs as she visits into the most dangerous area of the city… The Slums.

This story includes over 5000 words of spoken lines.
As well as 80 un-lockable illustrations to view in the Database.

Keiji Light – Origin
The second graphic novel story introduces Keiji Light, in this fully voiced Kinetic graphic novel we learn of the origins and trials Keiji went through as a child in the slums. As well as how he was groomed and abused after being abducted and experimented on, leaving him where he is now.

This story includes over 5000 words of spoken lines.
As well as an additional 80 un-lockable illustrations to also view in the Database.

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